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The development of sexual behavior

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

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The development of sexual behavior Part 1 Infancy and childhood A Sexual Responsiveness in infants 1 Capacity for sexual arousal is present at birth 2 Responses are reflexive Result from a Physical stimulation crying fullbladder b Psychological stimulation watching exciting things fires wild animals 3 Responses are indiscriminate caused by a wide variety of things a As you age responses become more discriminate B Sexual Responsiveness in infants y Takes the form of play 1 Autoerotic Play emerges 612 months y Random contact with genitals pleasurable y Deliberate contact with genitals 2 Sociosexual Play emerges age 3 y Reflects curiosity about others bodies y Expressed in games eg playing doctor 3 How should parents respond y Its natural dont overreact y Responsefirst step in sexual socialization C Sexual Responsiveness in infants 1 Crosscultural studies in s
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