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Psychological Disorders

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Psychological Disorders Definitions CausesTreatments 1252011 60900 PM ie Sarah was in a shopping mall She felt loss of strength and indescribable sense of being doomedAfter shes afraid to leave her house She believes aliens took her and neighbours body and planned to destroy them She grabbed a gun and started shootingy 1 Adolescent commits suicide every 19 seconds y Most prescribed drug is to treat anxiety y 4050 of people living in USA will develop a psychological disorder in their lifetime1 What is a Psychological Disorder A Abnormal thoughts feelings and behaviour o Abnormal psychology B What is abnormal in psychology o DDD Deviation Dysfunctional Distressing o Deviation from normal o Two other criteria includedDysfunctional maladaptiveinability to function in societyCauses high level of personal distress C Problems of this definition DDD o Definitions of normal and abnormalInfluenced by cultural norms and valuesChange over time within a cultureie homosexuality was considered a psychological disorder before 1973 o Distress and dysfunction are subjective states vs objectiveDysfunctional people might not view themselves as dysfunctional or distressful o Unclear how much deviance distress and dysfunction is requiredNormal and abnormal exist on a continuum D The DSM multiaxial classification system o p 444 dont memorize the details
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