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Part 1: The Self Concept
Self Concept: All the beliefs we have about ourselves
Large set of attributes that are linked together:
o Personal dispositions
o Physical characteristics
o Preferences (likes/dislikes) & values
Many different selves (roles):
o Different self with different people
Friend, daughter
o Having a complex self-concept can be beneficial
May different selves serves as a buffer or it protects us when any single self is
Some attributes associated with one self
o Neat as a student, messy as a family member
Some attributes more basic and enduring across situations/roles
Potential selves (ought self and ideal self)
o There can be a discrepancy between actual self
Part 2: The Origins of the Self Concept
Social comparison processes
Feedback from others
Social contexts
Cultural values
Our Behaviour: We are what we do
o Possible that our behaviour determines our preferences
o Self Perception Theory
Basic Idea: When internal cues are weak or ambiguous, we come to know who we are
by observing our behaviour and the circumstances in which the behaviour occurs
Only when we are not sure who we are
Most of the times we aren’t very confident
The Effects of Rewards on Self-Perceptions
Rewards can undermine our interest in performing a behaviour
Make us less likely to engage in behaviour
The overjustification effect
o When people are given external rewards for engaging in intrinsically interesting activities, their
intrinsic interest will be undermined
An exception to the overjustification effect
o Doesn’t occur when rewards are viewed as a sign of competence
When rewards indicate superior performance, a job well-done
Part 3: Becoming Aware of the Self
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