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Western University
Psychology 2036A/B
Yves Bureau

Psychology NotesJan 1012 Health is a complete state of physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity Health psychology is about helping people thrive It is about reducing stress coping and thriving William James 18421910 said that psychology is the scientific study of mental processes It involves our emotions what we want motivations desires what and how we think cognitive processes beliefs John Watson 18781958 said that psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour observable events and verbal statements It is what we do Currently psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes Behaviour is a process to keep our genetic material safe Our bodies are vessels We are trying to keep our behaviour and mindset perfect in order to pass on our genetic material Psychology as a profession is the application of this scientific knowledge to help people When we help others we are helping ourselves What we do will help ourselves directly and indirectly Health psychology is the scientific and professional contributions of psychology to the promotion and maintenance of physical health the prevention and treatment of physical illness the identification of the causal and diagnostic correlates of physical health and illness interested in why things happen and the improvement of the health care system Why is the health care system important and what should it do for us It should be there for the prevention of breakage and to help treat our bodies when they are broken It is present to prevent breakage and to fix our bodies when breakage happens Improving the health care system is important for better prevention Increasing psych funding educating the public and improving doctorpatient trust are important for improvement of the health care system but it is difficult to implement these changes Health psychology is not about how our physiologybiologybrain affects what we think our emotions what we
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