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Psychology 2036A/B
Yves Bureau

Psychology NotesMar 612 Physicians There are few professions that match medicine for responsibility and status During the past 10 years we have gone from a surplus to a shortage of physicians and their workload has increased by 7 The population has gotten older and each person has a greater number of health complaints Why medicine People are drawn to medicine because of career opportunities desire to help patients the chance to use personal skills and the chance to pursue science interests do research The tendencies in medicine are for introverts to get into family medicine and extroverts to get into surgery People in medicine also tend to be perfectionists and conscientious Conscientiousness is important in medicine because mistakes can cost lives Extreme perfectionism is bad however because you can never truly achieve perfection and people who are like this are more prone to distress in the form of depression and hopelessness Medical school There is a premed syndrome associated with medical school mentality Students are highly competitive and noncooperative They have romanticized views of medical school They have unrealistic views that they will be able to cure everything First yearThe volume of work and time pressure are overwhelming and this often leads to a drop in selfconfidence Students generally do not complain to their peers as this may be seen as weakness Second yearStudents accept that they can never know everything They become more confident and show more focus towards patients Financial concerns begin to arise Third yearClinical experiences begin and they are expected to act like physicians even though they arent yet Students are struck by a large gap between textbooks and real life patients Many challenging issues arise such as accepting that they will make mistakes being exposed to contagious diseases and dealing with critically ill patients Fourth yearStudents are almost in the medical community now They have achieved a level of distancing from patients so that they wont suffer from compassion fatigue They have also accepted the limits of medicine in that they are not always able to heal and be correct InternshipresidencyAn internship is a labour intensive training period 90120 hrswk that occurs the first year after medical school Residency is further training specialty in which physicians encounter a sudden increase in accountability Physicians emotional involvement in their work It is key to understand the emotional intensity of a physicians daytoday life and we can read about their dilemma in journals It is a job full of ups and downs such as life and death There is no absolute certainty as to how something will work out They cant guarantee success of treatment Many physicians cope by distancing themselves from patients though this makes it harder to appear compassionate Physicians and stress Many physicians described their job as very or extremely stressful but they do it because its rewarding and they enjoy it The task of communicating bad news adds stress Many patients want to be fit in right away for an appointment and this can make the day more hectic for a physician Male and females physicians experience stress differently There is more role strain for females because taking time away from their jobs to have a family adds stress Work overload can also lead to burnout the symptoms of which are emotional exhaustion perceived ineffectiveness cynicism and dissatisfaction with relations with coworkers Job burnout It is a special type of job stressa state of physical emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work What causes job burnout Lack of controlAn inability to influence decisions that affect your job such as you schedule assignments or workload could lead to job burnout So could a lack of necessary resources to do your work Unclear job expectationsIf youre unclear about the degree of authority you have or what your supervisor or others expect from you youre not likely to feel comfortable at work Dysfunctional workplace dynamicsYou might work with an office bully you
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