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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 PAIN

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Western University
Psychology 2036A/B
Yves Bureau

Chapter 11Painno class next weeknext week is optional review classHumans are uniquecan declare we are in pain and discomfortPain is a subjective experiencehave total emotional experience as wellSufferingpredicting that were going to have a really bad experienceCBT can be quite helpful distract themselves from a particular realityThe Significance of PainAlthough not enjoyable the experience of pain serves important functionsi Produces withdrawal that prevents further injuryii Serves as basis of learning to avoid injurious objectssituationsiii Sets limits on activity and enforces inactivity andor restable to detect injury from pain and are then able to attend to itSome individuals cannot experience pain whatsoever do not ever tend to pain infections etc things fester for a very long period of time these people die youngPain PerceptionWhen contact with injurious stimuli occurs signals follow a particular routeNocioceptors of the afferent sensory neurons PNS respond to the stimuliGenerate impulses that travel to the CNSnocioceptorsare able to detect that there is a real injury tissue damageafferent sensory neurons because information needs to go to the brainBrain does not have nocioceptorsNociceptorsNociceptorsExist as free nerve endingsnerve endings are not encapsulating by any tissue can freely be exposed to the environment ex tooth nerve that is exposed to the airhurts a lotNociceptors or Fiber TypesAHas thinly myelinated axons that carry thermal or mechanical nociception and is associated with sharp or pricking pain 5 to 30 msC Is a polymodal nociceptor that can be activated by highintensity mechanical chemical and heat 45CSlow conducting 05 to 2 msA and AAre fibers normally involved in proprioceptionA Deltafatty material and information can travel very quickly via these axonsC Fibersslow conducting because theyre not myelinatedtypes of fibers can keep you from reapplying your hand to something hot f
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