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Lecture 11

Lec.11: Emotional Development: Part Two: Chapter 10: Lecture 11 from child psychology Wendy Ellis at kings

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Psychology 2040A/B
Wendy Ellis

Child Development Chapter 1 The study of human development is often categorized into 3 distinct categories Physical emotionalsocial and cognitive Periods of Development Prenatal the most rapid time of change a one celled organism is transformed into a human baby Infancy and Toddlerhood birth to 2 years emergence of motor perceptual and intellectual capacities beginnings of language and first intimate ties to others Early Childhood 2 to 6 years the body becomes longer leaner and motor skills are refined make believe and play and thought and language develop at a rapid pace morality becomes evident and children make ties with peers Middle Child 6 to 11 years of age learn about a wider world and begin to accept responsibilities that increasingly mimic those that they will perform as adults Improved athletic ability participation in organized games with rules basic literacy skills morality and self improvement Adolescence 11 to 18 years period initiates the change to adulthood and puberty Young people begin to develop autonomy increases education becomes aimed at prep for higher education Emerging adulthood 18 to 25 years period of time where individuals are not quite adults but deal with their own separate set of issuesBasic Issues Theories describe predict and explain They are vital reasons that theories are important 1 They provide an organizing framework for our observation of children give meaning to what we see 2 Theories that are verified by research often serve as a sounds basis for practical action The main difference between belief and theories are that theories continued existence depends on scientific verificationContinuous or Discontinuous Development Continuous a process of gradually adding the same types of skills that there was to begin with
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