Psychology 2040A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Homeostasis

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Published on 14 Aug 2020
Western University
Psychology 2040A/B
Chapter 14-Family
Demographics of American Family
Socialization: process by which children acquire social knowledge, skills, attitudes valued by
Systems Approach
interactions among members of group
Systems Theory: model for understanding family that emphasizes reciprocal interactions
all members influence one another simultaneously
assumes families undergo periods of stability/change
o family adapts to maintain homeostasis
Parent Socialization
1. socialize their child through direct training
2. parents serve as models for children’s attitudes, beliefs and actions
Styles of Parenting
Authoritarian Parent: relies of coercive techniques to discipline child (low nurturance)
child unhappy, aggressive
Permissive Parent: set few limits to childs beh’r (cool, uninvolved)
low self control, reliance
Authoritative Parent: set limits on child’s beh’r using reasoning/explanation (high nurture)
Instrumental Competence: childs display of independence, self controls
displayed by authoritative parent kids
Uninvolved Parent: emotionally detach from child, focus on own needs
low self esteem, impulsive beh’r
*authoritarian/permissive didnt exhibit instrumental competence
Effective Parenting
1. respond to childs needs with warmth
-higher self-esteem, few problems
2. setting limits to beh’r (parental control)
Behavioural control: monitoring and regulating actions
Psychological Control: intrusive and domineering parent
Pettit: teens whole parents high monitoring less delinquent, those with high psych control likely
to display delinquent with high anxiety/depression
Interagent Consistency: application of disciplinary strategies among caregivers
Intra-agent Consistency: single caregiver application of discipline from one situation to next
Richard Bell
Control Theory: intensity of one partners behr affects intensity of others response
o parents and child have upper/lower limit of tolerance
o beh’r of one approach others upper limit, reduce with increase intensity
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