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Western University
Psychology 2040A/B

Chapters 1 January1612 717 PM Chapter 1 Intro to Developmental PsychologyResearch StrategiesJanuary 16 2012 652 PM Discussion Questionson the exam 1 Compare and contrast correlational and experimental research methods How do the results of such studies differ in terms of the conclusions we can drawCorrelational only determining the strength of the relationship between these variablesyjust the relationshipExperimentalseems to determine the relationship through the manipulation of the yvariables independent and dependentThe results differ due to the generalizabilityy2 According to Piaget how do assimilation and accommodation account for cognitive developmentAssimilationyou put information you have into a category that already exists little kids ymay see everything as a trucktake what you have and you put it in into the existing way of seeing the worldAccommodationyou have this new information where do you put it Changing the way yyou see the world to fit in this new information These are both overall processes that we use to see information y 3 What is a teratogen Provide an example Teratogens are anything potentially harmful to a developing fetus These include but are not ylimited to nicotine alcohol drugs radiation AIDS rubella etc These cause structural abnormalities and abnormal cell masses to develop in the fetus which can lead to serious birth defects 4 Describe the key elements in the behavioural view of learning How does change occurFocuses on the things in ones world that are observablethe influence of our yenvironment the reinforcers positivenegative of our environmentCognitive physical and social interact to cause change examy What is DevelopmentThese are changes as the result of experience and not simply maturationmaturation might play a yrole but we are talking about a combination of hereditary and learning Learningchange or potential of change due to some experience yMaturation and learning interact yChange is seen from the moment we are borny Goals of DevelopmentalistsTry to explain describe and optimize development yDescribewhat is normal or ideographic others try to explain why these changes happen ydifferences in people could use twin studies
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