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Lecture 2 - chapter 4

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Western University
Psychology 2040A/B

Chapter 4 January2312 731 PM Chapter 4 Prenatal Development Birth and Newborns Readiness for Life Prenatal Development not a lot of focus on the periods of growth in terms of questions for the exams Different things can happen at different timesdont need to memorize them all Supporting the EmbryoZygoteto an embryo Period of the EmbryoBrain at time of birth is still only about 70 of the adult size y Humans when born are not able to function without help y We need prolonged maturity not like other animalsyNew born head is distortion to the bodyyGrowth is usually inside to out internal organs first exterminates after y Period of the FetusVariation to when you can survive into the third trimesteryAge of viabilitywhen you can survive outside of the womb y Environmental Influences Teratogens IM environmental factorMaternal characteristics can also affect development y There are sensitive periods where teratogens can have a particular effect EXAMPLE rubella first trimester is the most dangerous after that not a threatalcohol later on in the pregnancy can have a terrible effect Once things are formed they are less susceptible y Thalidomideused to relieve morning sicknessuntil they realized the severe birth defectsAlcohol Fetal alcohol syndrome FAS Heavy drinkingEffects include microencephaly smaller brain malformation hyperactivity seizures belowaverage intelligenceFetal alcohol effects FAE A little more moderate in their impact A little less pronounced then FAS Drugs Smokingdeath following birth low birth weight Diet
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