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Lecture 2 - Chapter 5

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Psychology 2040A/B

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Chapter 5 physical development The Brain Body Motor SkillsSexual Development General Growth TrendsIMThe most rapid changes in height and weight is in the first 2 years y So much happens with the brain in these first 2 years y The graph shows that there is huge changes in height in the first few years huge peak in the ygraph and then it beings to level off until you hit puberty again It shows that girl hit their growth spurt during puberty faster roughly 2 years before the boys hit ytheirs Developmental of the brainBrain growth spurt from the 7th month2 y Neurons are basic units of the brain y Transmit information via synapsesySynaptogenesisproceeds rapidlyy Gilia develop and produce myelin things that are more insulatedthe transmission of the signals ywill occur fasterBrain DifferentiationBrain has different regions responsible for different things y o OccipitalvisionTemporal close to templesauditory cortex is in the temporalyParietal lobeP for perceptionyMotor cortexmotormovement y Brain Growth Myelinationoccurs at different ratesFirs
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