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Lecture 6

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Psychology 2043A/B

Lecture 6Communication Language and Speech Disorders Monday November 4 2013Historical OverviewsArticulation 1800 Elocution1872 School of Vocal Physiology Bell o students who were deaf or who had stutters or articulation problems o 1925 American Speech and Hearing Association ASHAExamBrain BasisPaul Broca 1861 and Carl Werknicke 1876 had significantly different brainsHistorical Overview Everyone agrees about what children actually doDebate about how children acquire languageBehaviorists o Language is a subset of other learned behavioursSocial Learning View o Behaviouristsimitation196070sChomsky o cognitive biological position o grammar innate to the human brain o innate language acquisition device that is unique to and present in all humans o all that we need is the exposure to language and the device is activated and we pick up languageCurrentPragmatics o Social aspects of language o Exposure to language o Bilingualbicultural language acquisition o More focused on not so much drilling language into them but creating an environment where language can be learned easily and comfortably Language in Bonobos SavageRumbaugh Share 9899 human genesApproach is to let animals pick up language symbols in normal conversationBonobos understanding of new sentences is about the level of a 25 year old childCommunication versus Language Birds do itBees do itSo do dolphins monkeys apes and humansCommunication Exchange of thoughts information and ideas o Sender message receiver
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