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Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 3

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Western University
Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders rdLecture 3Monday October 3 2011 Children with Intellectual Disabilities 1Textbook skips part of intelligence o Important to go over it 2Testing intelligence for over 100 years o Binetcreated the first intelligence testFather of IQ testsAsked to create a method of identifying children at school y Who was in need of special education1905 first intelligence scale y BinetSimon Scale o Short o 30 itemsLife problemsAsked kids to listen to simple instructions name parts of body count change etcPut the tasks in order of increasing difficultyMatched each task to a developmental level y All the tasks for a certain age group were thought to be able to be solved by a typical child in that age group o Concept of mental age developed through this test y As kids get older they learn more difficult things o Could arrange things in a hierarchy o SternTook concept of mental age and divided it by the chronological agea ratioThis was called the mental quotient y If it was 1 or higher o You were passing items for your age or above y If it was lower than 1 o You werent passing items for your ageo TermanSuggested taking the quotient and multiplying it by 100 y To make it less messy y This was called your IQ o As long as your mental age and your chronological age100 this is an average IQThis is the same today o What has changed is what we think about that contributes to an IQDifficult to come up with a universally accepted definition of intelligence y Lay people think that social competencean aspect of intelligence and a willingness to learnan aspect of intelligenceNo agreement of what the best IQ test isIntelligence is what is measured by intelligence tests o Bad example o Because it doesnt take into account cultureg factor o Spearman said o Children did about the same in all subjects in schoolIf you get As in math youll get As in English and As on IQ tests o general abilityIts a kind of mental energy that people haveOn top of this factor y People have special abilities y You might be able to do well on 1 thing o But in general youre able to do about the same on most things in life o You should perform equally well across all tasks o Over the years IQ tests have continued to refineBut we havent changed that muchWeve tried to move away from culturally loaded thingsWeve tried to move away from just testing adults but also children y Came from the militaryRecent years people argue that what we measureonly a small portion of all of the aspects of intelligence y Arent getting the full picture all the timeEveryones intelligence conforms to a bellshape 3Understanding Intelligence
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