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Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 4

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Western University
Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders thLecture 4Monday October 17 2011 Children Who Are Gifted Creative and Talented 1Exceptional o Different from the norm o May or may not reflect a diagnosisRetardation o DiagnosedGiftedness o Not a diagnostic term o A term that designates an exceptionality but no diagnosis of itNo criteria for it o Why we will look at theories and perspectives on giftedness o No cut off pointsexpectations about it 2 IQnormally distributed o Most people close to the average o Few people at the extremesGiftedness is at the opposite end of the extreme as mental retardationTop 2 IQ y IQ130Proportionately same number of people who are gifted as we do the number of people who are mentally retarded o If we are just looking at IQNot the only thing we look at for mental retardationBut the only thing we look at for giftedness 3High intelligence IQs o Easiest way to describe itMost widely used definition is on the slide US Office of Education o US does highlight IQ but other aspects too 4In Ontario our ministry of education has a different definition o Definition is on the slideCompare and contrast o Both are similar in that they feel being gifted needs you have a different educational experience o Differ in what is giftednessCanadalooking soley at intellectual abilityUSbroader definition5Lewis Terman o Researcher who focused his career on looking at gifted kids o Lots of perceptionsnotions about giftednessSome are positiveSome are negative o Lots of stereotypes about gifted kids o Terman decided to look at gifted kids and see if he could find things that went against the stereotype at that time regarding giftednessLooked at kids with high IQs and wanted to see what happened to them over their lifespan y Successfail y Characteristicsqualities1500 children called termites IQs of 130 or higher y Only requirementHe felt that these kids were more likely to turn out well in their livesThere were slightly more boys than girls y 319He protected their names yA few who were famous Taller healthier physically better developed better with leadership and social adaptability y Against stereotype nerdyLongitudinal studybig database y Found Gifted children became gifted adults y Also found IQ alone didnt predict success in life o Even though they were exceptionally bright not all made important contributions to society y His study highlights the complexity of being gifted y Felt that these kids should be identified as early as possible in childhood y Felt that these kids should have a differentiated curriculum and accelerating them through school was important we do less of this now
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