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Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 5

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Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders thLecture 5Monday October 24 2011 Children with Learning Disabilities Exam y 100 questions MC y 5 lectures 5 textbook chapters o 10 units of study y Each unit of studyequally weighted o 10 questions on each y Some of the information is in both places o OverlapOn a fair majority of the questionsy Blue boxes are fair game o Not trying to make us memorize silly things o Termin study important o Case studies of no historic valueEx Peter verbal IQ of this blahnot tested y Tables o Not asked to fill in a table o Good summary of information o Content of tables are testableNot a bunch of statistical questions y Things you DONT NEED TO KNOW o How to fill in an IEP or what an IEP isWill not be asked about content of IEP who fills it out etcDont need to know the different teaching professions o KNOW TEACHING INTERVENTIONSDifferent techniquesprograms for teaching children y Written in NCB 101 o Spaced out o Proctors o Multiple versions of exam o Cannot be in room during setup time o Bags will go to the front of the room o Turn off phones y Examstarts at 7 o 2hours to write it o MC o 930 pmfinishing time roughly o all of the following are true except o all of the above o Names of specific peopleKnow profs nameKnow theorists that weve talked aboutDont need to know names of people who have done studies in textbookDont need to know what research has been derived from which studies in textbook ndy 2 exam is a bit harder than the first o More material o More detail than the first midterm 1Learning disabilities o Sometimes referred to as LDs o Thought of as neurobiological disordersTheir brain works differentlyInterfere with ability to learn think or remember o Often go unrecognizedNot a visual exceptionality Not as profound as mental retardationHidden disorders y Not seen from the outsideMany people with disabilities like learning y Can speak well and talk well o One disorder that we cover that even though it cant be fixed sometimes individuals can lose their diagnoses 2No clear definitionThought to reflect neurological problemsDisorders that affect brains ability to receive process store respond to information o Anywhere in that chain a breakdown can occurGeneral agreement that there is going to be some sort of discrepancy between potential and performance o Highly contested area o PotentialIntellectual ability y What you are able to learn o PerformanceSkills you are able to demonstrate
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