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Lecture 6

Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 6

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Western University
Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders thLecture 6Monday November 7 2011 Children with Speech and Language Differences Intelligence testing discrepencies should be remembered for the final examjust general informationThe rest of the information can essentially be forgotten This classlots of terminology heavier in content shorter in length 1Language difference o Communication and communication disordersCommunication o Broad umbrella termSpecific speech and language terminologyo How they develop o Specific disorders o Prevalence data o Consequences for development and interventionCommunication and communication disorders o 2 main categoriesHearing disorders y People who dont hear sounds clearlySpeech and language disorders y Disorders that affect the way people talk and understandCommunication is important o Fundamental to all aspects of life o Communication Exchange of ideas information thoughts feelings y Any sort of contentRequires a minimum of 2 people y Sending and receiving messagesMore than just words y Communicate in a variety of ways o Movement o Facial expression o Actions o The way you dress o Behaviours Messages need to be sent out in an understandable way y The way you dresssometimes a lot of miscommunication y All these ways send out bits of information thoughNot an exhaustive list on the slideImportant for autism spectrum disorders y Issues with communication are included with that diagnostic criteriaSpeech and language o Integral to our communication systemLanguage o System of symbols that communicate messageso Communication of ideas through a system of symbols that are governed by rulesRules determine meaning o Symbol systems associated with language speechmost common symbol system o The way we receive communicationthrough sight and soundTone inflection gestures body language etc all convey information o All intertwinedVisual hearing motor abilities speaking is a part of that as well1 in 10 of us has a communication problem common o Quiteo Significant difficulties in the understandingcommunication of ideasSpoken or written 2Speecho Verbal expression of languageLanguagesymbol system o Includes articulation way words formed accent o Mechanical production of languageLanguage much broader o Entire system of expressing and receiving informationo Includes understanding and being understood o Has to do with systems of symbolshow they are organized into patterns to communication o Possible to speak and not have it be language that we understandLanguage comes first in terms of development o Most people babies understand language before they can produce it in speech o Can have speech sounds without language but no meaningful speech without language Voice o Same as vocalizationSounds that you produce o Isnt always produced as speech o You make sounds
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