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Lecture 7

Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 7

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Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders thLecture 7Monday November 14 2011 Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders 1Classconfusing in terminologyPervasive Developmental Disorder o Now termed Autistic SpectrumPhrases are now used interchangeablyBut diagnostic measures are related to pervasive development disorder y Disorders that pervade all areas of functioningdevelopment o Emotional o Cognitive o Perceptual o Sensory o MotorMain ones o Autismo Aspergers Great debate on Big Bang Theory o Does Sheldon have Aspergers o VIDEO of proof of thisTextbook covers childhood psychoses in this chapter too o On FINAL EXAMno questions on childhood psychoses2Pervasive Developmental Disorder in general o Umbrella term o Group of disorders o Sometimes referred to as Autistic SpectrumDisorders that are lifelong and pervasive y Indicate that children have issues that affect process of development in many or all areas o Most knownAutismo SPECTRUMPeople with disorder who have mild symptomsfunctionalAt more severe endnot as functionalIts a rangePeoplefirst language Important with regards to these kinds of people 3AutismHistory sto 1 identified by Leo KannerActual wordautistic y Means absorption in the self latin o Saw 11 kids who didnt fit into any criteria for other disorders o its like hes in a shello hes happiest when left alone o acts as though people arent there o Based on 11 cases5 key symptoms y Unable to relate normally to other people fundamental disturbance y Language abnormalities y Repetitive and stereotyped play y Desire for sameness in their environment o Upset with change y Thought they had good cognitive potential o Good rote memory o Followed 11 kids for 30 yearsFound although their difficulties didnt disappear they did best when they lived in environments where they were welltolerated understood and accepted o Even though he was a medical personhe felt Autism came from an inborn inability to love others Thats what made them this way o Reason they turned out this way He feltyou should blame the motherMothers really didnt want them to existHe felt that a lack of adequate parentingprimary factor in Autism y Not the case4Autism o Rare o 25 children in every 10 000 o Textbook6 in every 1000 children autistic type disorder45 autism spectrum disorder o Reasons to believe that autistic spectrum disorder childrenon the riseIncrease in numbers relates to fact that we are better at identifying autism in all of its forms
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