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Lecture 8

Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders - Lecture 8

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Psychology 2043A/B
Esther Goldberg

Psychology 2043AExceptional Children Developmental Disorders stLecture 8Monday November 21 2011 Children with Hearing Impairments 1 2 3Communication o Exchange of informationinvolves 2 people interactively exchanging and receiving messages o More than just wordsconversations o Can communicate in a variety of ways gestures intonation body language etc o Hearing impairmentsMay miss out on tone of voice intonation pitch loudness etcNot just talking about not being able to hear wordsbut all the other things that come along with speech 4Normal development o Children learn speech and language by listening to others o In absence of hearingspeech and language dont develop normallyFirst few years o Critical in terms of speech and language development o If a hearing loss exists during this timewont get full benefit of language learning experiences o Early diagnosis and early screening is importantScreening in infantsrequiredrelatively recent instalment in Ontario o Deafness and communication disordersintertwinedIn the first few months o Babies react to loud sounds with a startle reflexWould wake up in response to a loud sound o Can recognize voicesCan differentiate between speakersDifferent responses to different people36 months o Can express interest in new sounds o Start to understand tones in addition to basic words o Start to understand no o Can tell the difference between soundsEx toys that make different sounds o Can imitate the sounds they hear 610 months o Moving into the stage where they start to understand some words o Can recognize their own name a telephone ringing and different voices o Know words for common thingsStage where people will ask wheres the lightand the babies will look up towards the light o Can make babbling soundso Respond to requestsRespond when someone says come here st After 1 birthdayo Starting to develop their own words o Like to play around with their own voices o Point to familiar objects and people o First words appear o Start to enjoy games with sounds attached to thempeekaboo y 10 month mark o Can follow 1 step commandsVery little of this has direct relationships to hearingbut milestones for hearing are tied into speech and language milestones1518 months o Can follow directions o Start using 2 word stages o Knowledge of body parts nd 2 birthday o Understand simple questions able to answer them o Understand simple phrases o Point to pictures when you ask them rd 3 birthday o Able to follow multistep directionsWhen children arent developing their language skills as expected a hearing test will be conductedEarly signs of hearing lossCriteria listed in slidesHearing loss can lead to delays in childs ability to speak and communicate effectivelyMonitoring of speech and language developmentcritical in recognizing hearing decrements
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