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lecture 4

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Western University
Psychology 2070A/B

PSYCHOLOGY 2070LECTURE 004October 19 2010THE NATURE OF HUMAN VALUESSlide 01 Rokeachs Value SurveyGiven two surveys to completeBelow is a list of 18 values arranged in alphabetical order Your task is to arrange them in order of their importance to YOU as guiding principles in YOUR lifeStudy the list carefully then place a 1 next to the value which is most important for YOU place a 2 next to the value which is second most important to you etc The value which is least important relative to the others should be ranked 18Work slowly and think carefully If you change your mind feel free to change your answers The end result should truly show how you really feel A COMFORTABLE LIFE a prosperous life AN EXCITING LIFE a stimulating active life A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT lasting contribution A WORLD AT PEACE free of war and conflict A WORLD OF BEAUTY beauty of nature and the arts EQUALITY brotherhood equal opportunity for all FAMILY SECURITY taking care of loved ones FREEDOM independence free choice HAPPINESS contentedness INNER HARMONY freedom from inner conflict MATURE LOVE sexual and spiritual intimacy NATIONAL SECURITY protection from attack PLEASURE an enjoyable leisurely life SALVATION saved eternal life SELFRESPECT selfesteem SOCIAL RECOGNITION respect admiration TRUE FRIENDSHIP close companionship WISDOM a mature understanding of lifeBelow is a list of another 18 values Rank these in order of importance in the same way you ranked the first list on the preceding page AMBITIOUS hardworking aspiring BROADMINDED openminded CAPABLE competent effective CHEERFUL lighthearted joyful CLEAN neat tidy COURAGEOUS standing up for your beliefs FORGIVING willing to pardon others HELPFUL working for the welfare of others HONEST sincere truthful IMAGINATIVE daring creative INDEPENDENT selfreliant selfsufficient INTELLECTUAL intelligent reflective LOGICAL consistent rational LOVING affectionate tender OBEDIENT dutiful respectful POLITE courteous wellmannered
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