Psychology 2075 Lecture Notes - Luteal Phase, Menstrual Cycle, Fluoxetine

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Menstrual cycle
Ovaries are not connected to fallopian tubes
Footnote pg 103
Luteal phase is the only predictable stage of menstruation
You ovulate 14 days before menstruation (if you menstruate on day 44 you ovulated on day 30)
Sarafem pills for women who are having the blues during their period. Its Prozac (heavy duty
Ovulatory peak of sexual activity can mean
o I am really interested in sex
o Stimulus value has increased
o Increased deceptive desire
Moose menstrual distress questionnaire
Menstrual symptom sensations is partly due to the ideas that society has generated that it
should be a “difficult time”
Menstrual Cycle Phase and Athletic Performance and Mood: Occasional Mixed Results
o Study showed that no correlation between female medical students test grades and
premenstrual cycle
o 4 or 500 Australian high school females, 14% of the case Boyle found a negative
correlation between being premenstrual and slightly lower grades
Menstrual Cycle Phase: Cognition and Performance
o Sex dimorphic abilities: abilities that either men excel at or women excel at
o During periods of high levels of estrogen and progesterone do best at skills women
usually excel at and worst at skills that men usually excel at
Menstrual Cycle Phase and Sexual Interest
o Ovulation (vs luteal) phase women showed more interest in non-partner sexual activity
but not partner sexual activity
o Ovulation (vs luteal) phase women’s partners showed more attention and were more
possessive - more attentive, called Mate Guarding
Prenatal Sexual differentiation
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