Psychology 2075 Lecture Notes - Kinsey Scale, Homoeroticism, Heterosexuality

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Published on 8 Feb 2013
PSYCH November 7th
Case Vignette I
Woman talking to her friend about a recent break up with same sex partner
Friend assumes heterosexuality
Case Vignette II
Mother and Father are dealing with a son who is not dealing with gender in a congruent way
Mother asks for help from doctor
Case Vignette III
Man cheats on wife with another man
Same sex behaviour may not have anything to do with an individual’s internal sexuality
Case Vignette IV
Man wants an HIV test after sexual encounters with other men
2nd time requesting HIV test in less than 6 months
Major health risk issue is avoiding health care in fear of stigmas
Case Vignette V
Woman talks about being gay and having relationships with women
Hasn’t told parents because she thinks they won’t understand
Questions can be the basis of discussion of safe “coming out”
Who is the most sympathetic family member, who is a friend you can trust etc.
Why was HIV considered a homosexual disease?
Did not look at the large heterosexual populations that had HIV diseases
Studied areas with large gay population
HIV infected individuals Half men, half woman
5 % homosexual, 95 % heterosexual
**risk of an STI is a function of 3 things: pathogen prevalence, risky behaviour, how infectious the
pathogen is**
Most men in N.A. are exceedingly conscious
What is Sexual Orientation?
We can never determine sexual orientation in terms of behaviour
What if we have no sexual behaviour?
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What if both and opposite sex activity isn’t a function of sexual orientation but of other
What if people on the street are having sex for survival?
What If you are in a heterosexual society and you try to live a heterosexual life but after a
certain amount of time you ‘come out’
There are certain patterns of behaviour that have nothing to do with an internal sense of
sexual arousal to same sex or different sex
Sexual and romantic attraction would be where we begin to understand sexual orientation
(what turns you on)
GLBT Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual Transgender
o People who have statistically less common sexual patterns
o Transgender individual is probably not appropriate grouped together
Gender just doesn’t match their body
Problems with the use “sexual preference”
o It is generally not something you decide upon, it is just the way you are or you’ve
always been you didn’t decide to do it
o Sexual preference opens the door to accusation of a morally latent choice rather
than “you were born that way I cant blame you”
Origins of Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation
o Descriptions men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women
o These concepts are largely for biomedical reasons
o Might be useful in clinical practice to know whether you are talking to an MSN or WSW
because the risk profile might be different and you might have to different things to
manage the risks
o People may choose to avoid these labels people are asked to describe sexual
behaviour instead
o Need to know about behaviour for the reasons cited ^^
Transsexual, Transgender
o People who happen to be in a body that does not match their identity gender identity
is male and they feel like a female
Gender Role
o Mother whose son didn’t play with guns but played with dolls
o Violates sex roles assumption can be troubling
o Childhood cross genger behaviour is sometimes a pre-curser to adult sexual orientation
toward the same gender
Heterosexuality and Gender identity are not the same thing
Aka do not confuse “sissy with non-masculine”
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