Psychology 2075 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Making Money, Anal Sex, Fornication

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Published on 29 Mar 2017
Human Sexuality
Clients of prostitutes – who are they?
-Historically it used to be a way for women to maintain their purity and for men to still be able to have sex
-Number of men using prostitution now are lower than in Kinsey’s research
-Kinsey (1948): 70% of men in his sample had experience with a prostitute
-Now, the results of studies usually do not pass 20%
-Was a place for men to have/gain sexual experience
-The change occurred around the sexual revolution, where women were noticed as sexual beingschanging the
view of female sexuality
-Clients are different now from what they would have been
-Manto and Mcree (2005): compared men who had been charged with solicitation to a broader sample of men as
a way of trying to get some estimate
Men who pay for the service of prostitute tend to have a higher level of educationmore
disposable income?
Somewhat more likely to be unmarried60% of the general public are happily married
Attitudes toward homosexuality showed prostitution offenders are more accepting
More prostitution offenders had 3 or more sex partners in the past year
-Diana (1985): found the most common reasons given for using prostitutes (500 men in a brothel)40% of the
men had college education or higher
Regular partner not available = 21%
Sexual variety = 20%
Some experience not otherwise available = 13%
Boredom = 12%
Curiosity = 10%
Prostitutes – who are they?
-There are many types of prostitution
Call girls, escorts, bar/casino worker, brothel worker etc.
High victimization
More likely to be caught by police
Abused by pimps
-Indoor prostitution
Reduces the risk of violence and victimization because other people are around
Not responsible herself for going out and finding people
Make more money
Better than streetwalkers
-Escorts/call girls
Best working conditions
Cater to higher socioeconomic status
Done through an agency/company
Makes more money
DIANA (1985)
-Had 487 prostitutes in the study and wanted to know characteristics
Almost 80% do not have high school education, 13% do
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