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Chapter 16 Summary of Ch 16

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Psychology 2080A/B
Patrick Brown

Psychology Test And Measurement 2080ndMonday November 22 2010Lecture 16NotesChapter 16 Testing in Counseling PsychologyMeasuring InterestsIn this chapter we examine the contribution of psychological tests to the selection of and preparation for a careerPsychological tests can help people select the right career for themThe first step in the identification of an appropriate career path is the evaluation of interestsIn the nearly 90 years since the introduction of interest inventories missions of people have received feedback about their own interests to help them make wise career choicesThe first interest inventory introduced in 1921 was the Carnegie Interest InventoryWhen the Mental Measurements Yearbook was published in 1939 it discussed 15 different interest measuresThe two most widely used interest tests wee introduced relatively early The Strong Vocational Interest Blank in 1927 and the Kuder Preference Survey in 1939Today there are more than 80 interest inventories however the Strong remains one of the most widely used tests in research and practiceThe Strong Vocational Interest BlankShortly after WWI Strong and his colleagues began to examine the activities that members of different professions liked and dislikedThey came to realize that people in different professional groups had different patterns of interestsStrong also found that people in similar professions shared similar hobbies liked the same types of entertainment and read the same sorts of books and magazinesWith this research as a base Strong set out to create a test that would match the interests of a subject to the interests and values of a criterion group of people who were happy with the careers they had chosenThis procedure is called criterion keying or the criteriongroup approachThe test they created with this method was the SVIBIn preliminary studies of the test individuals from different occupations responded to approximately 400 items dealing with likes and dislikes related to these occupations and to leisure activitiesThe criterion keying then determined how the interests of the subjects resembled those of the criterion groupIn the revised 1966 version the 399 items were related to 54 occupations for men and a separate form was presented to women with 32 different occupations 1
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