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Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

stNovember 21Psych 2115Auditory AttentionJamesSuggested attention was a process by which we pick out something in the environment and bring information forward letting everything else fall in the backgroundBehaviorist took over and were telling psychologist how to think about how behavior worked no time on attention Late 1950s behaviorists started losing control of thingsAttention was allornone to James started to think of it as a capacity thingIf we want to attend to two take capacity and put some of it over there Using up capacity the ability to process anything else correctly goes down Sharing of resources ideaAutomatic processes dont need much attention capacity to completeBroadbentSensationPerceptionSTMPutinto short term memory if you dont attend to it its done You have the ability to recyclerehearse it to keep it Is there an attentional capability before thisCocktail party phenomenonSituations where lots of people are talking together lot of auditory stimulationWe have the ability to tune out most if not all of it except what you want to listen toNOT picking out your name in a crowd when at a partyLocation cue to pay attention to one and ignore the otherDifferent intensities two messages with different loudnessVoice differencesSemantic differencesTwo TVs talking in both but each with different topics Use semantic difference which messages we want to listen toGet people to attend to one but not the other by CherryMake sure people attend to one message and not the otherPeople had headphones on headphones had different messages Dichotic Listening in the two earsShadowing Tell people as the messages comes in on one ear I want you to repeat it back to me word for wordBroadbent Experiment 1Message coming in through one ear shadowing messageThings begin to happen in opposite ear do people recognize that change in the unattended ear Is it ltered outThings being blocked at the perceptual level Change language in unattended ear half way through trialPlayed the tape backwardsstNovember 21Psych 2115Changed sex of speaker voice differencePlayed bell soundsChange of languages or playing the tape backwards no body had a clue that it happened stuff wasnt being discriminated in the unattended earFew people caught change of male to female speakerTones were detected Concluded that you dont perceive much stuff from unattended ear isnt making it into short term memoryReal physical difference you should pick up to some degreeWe lter out stuff were not attending to we dont perceive themBroadbent experiment 2Presented stimulus to people in dichotic listening asked to report them backPresented 3 digits374 vs 158Independent variable how you had to report themReport by time of arrival 31 75 48Report by ear left rst then rightPerceive rst set remove lter perceive second setIf you report by ear you have to do something differentReport left lter out right ear But need to switch lters back and forth to report 3 1 7 5 etcIf you report by time of arrival lter needs to be switched every time not very good at it Good when reporting by ear as lter is only switched onceattention works at the level of perception we lter out things were not attending toIf you give people more time to ip lter present every 2 seconds were not so bad doing it during time of arrivalMoray 1959Support for Broadbent Presented stimulus words while people shadow in strongest manipulation a word was presented 35xNo matter how many times you present the word you dont know what it is after due to it being said in the unattended earStrong memory componentGray and Wedderburn 1960If it is perceptual then it shouldnt matter what stimuliDesigned Dear Aunt Jane experimentPresented a mixture of letters and wordsDear would come to one ear while the number was on the other side same for Aunt and JaneReport the words and then the numbersMemory is causing the difference
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