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Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

thSept 10Psych 2115 Lecture 11 Perception the process of extracting information from the environmentincomplete denition perception involves a lot more than extracting informationex triangle or pacman its three pacman Using knowledge not from the stimulus but from your head2Perception the conscious experience of objects and object relations sometimes youre not conscious of objects in situations ex bumping into tableCharacteristics of Perception1Continuous you dont perceive in discrete chunks youre continually perceiving2Adaptive the things we can perceive are things that are relevant to usimportant to our survival ex car coming at you3Selective can attend to certain things at the expense of other things ex ignoring the weight of the watch on your wrist4Responsive to patterns not just the features you respond to ex allow us to make sense of handwriting 5 Corresponds to objective measurementwhen I perceive something I perceive it how it is in the world ex falling off a cliff because you didnt know it was presentillusions times we dont perceive things accurately not corresponding to objective measurementmetatheory a set of untestable assumptions about the world that form a framework for subsequent scientic behavior theory testableDescartes Mind Body Problem the body and the mind must interact found the pineal gland at the base of the neck said thats where dual interaction occurs as long as you went with the idea that the mind and the body are separate entities we cannot really study behavior if you want to study behavior you must accept the mind and body are one thingmonism the mind is the manifestation of the complexity of the human body now can study true behaviorentire persondualism the human is a dual system body and mind thinking perceiving decision making p and aExperimentation 1Theory building explanations why things happenhow they work proposals of the way the world is testable2Empirical research collecting data which tells us if the theory is correct or not creating conditions where only one thing changes from condition to conditionexperiment planned manipulation of an independent variable to observe the changes in thSept 10Psych 2115 Lecture 1a dependent variable independent variable any variable manipulated by an experimenter to determine its effects on a dependent variable location have levels location 1 2 3 levels are either quantitative or qualitative differ in quality or quantity most variables in perception is dependent variable any measurable variable
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