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Psych 2115A Nov 28th 2012 Visual Perception.docx

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Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

Psych 2115A Nov. 28 2012 Visual Perception  Sperling o Is there a limit to the number of things perceived? o Perception is not a capacity process, does not require attention.  Span of perception  Limited capacity perception  Everything is perceived  Present cue soon enough after stimuli are presented, people perceive all.  Showed a bunch of stimuli, presented cue.  Made participant report only some of the stimuli and they were successful which means since they didn’t know which stimuli they would be asked, they must attend to all. Short Term Perception Stimulus  Sensory Memory Memory  4, 8, 12 or 16 stimuli presented. Was there a T or an F in stimulus?  People did worse as number of things increased o i.e., did worse with 16 than 4.  Estes and Taylor 1964  Gardner (1970) o Sensory memory exp. is too simple perception decision Stimulus  Sensory Memory Some Memory Short Term System Memory o A person perceives everything but we get a roadblock in deciding what was perceived o Not limited but unlimited o T/F detection test. 3 Conditions 1. T 80% correct. 1 perceive 1 decision 2. . O T 80% Correct. 4 perceive 1 decision O O 3. T T 40% Correct. 4 perceive 4 decision Participants were convinced there was neither a T nor an F and that, T T in fact, they were all hybrids. o Participants
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