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Stephen Lupker

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Lecture: 1 September-12-11 2:29 PM What is Perception  Perception: the process of extracting information from the environment (definition is incorrect)  Perception: the conscious experience of objects and object relationships  Doesn't like it as we perceive things unconsciously as well  What are the characteristics of Perception: 1. Continuous (the only way you stop perceiving is if you get knocked out) 2. Corresponds to Objective measurement (when you objectively measure something it is the right answer e.g. When it says there is a car coming there actually if a car coming  Most of the time your perception is correct but not all of time 3. Selective (we get more information to things that we attend to and less to things we are not attending too) 4. Adaptive (we have adapted over the years to perceive things that are important to us, e.g. We do not hear a dog whistle but it doesn't matter to us) 5. Responsive to Patterns (shown a picture of 3 pac man that to us forms a triangle)  How do you study Perception?  A lot of different way to do this but can be started with Meta-theory  Meta-Theory: a set of untestable assumptions about the world which form the framework for subsequent scientific behaviour  The idea here is that you have to start somewhere  Plato and Aristotle thought that the mind and the body was two separate entities and that if you wan
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