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Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

Lecture: 5 September-26-11 2:30 PM  Short answers, with figures, graphs, not a lot of writing Scaling  Formula  Louder tones generate more neural activity then quitter sounds  Question: what does that do to you  Fechner started with the idea to understand the idea in someone's head they must respond when you ask me but he didn't trust those outputs o Came up with this indirect scaling project o The JND's are psychologically equivalent if Fechner was right o And to do this you must use logs  S.S. Stevens came in the 20th century and disagreed with this o Wanted to see a direct scaling process o To see if you can get people to make correct responses  created Magnitude estimation  Will be initial get this stimulus can refer to it as a modulus stimulus  This stimulus should be regarded as a 10 or 100 or 50 etc.  Then he will tell you that he will present you with other stimuli  And remind you just in case you forget  Wanted them to create a number, take this and create a ratio scaling of all the following stimuli  They will then give you numbers that will make sense  Basically give the rating and then you produce a set of numbers and then plot them on the graph  What he found was that in fact the psychophysical function didn't always have the decelerating shape, that other shapes accord  Therefore it is not a log function rather a power function but that it is see formula
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