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Western University
Psychology 2115A/B
Stephen Lupker

Lecture 8 October2611 227 PMRetina supplies the eye with colours o Two dimensional representation of the world gets sent to the brain How can we actually observe the spatial relationships of the worldo Have to with coming up with rules on how the brain works o And look at artists and how they can take a mosaic and see a third dimensionSpace PerceptionMeans distance and direction Early psychology talk about cues people can useThe first cue is Monocular a cue that you can take in with one eyeThe second cue is muscular The third cue is called binocular Muscular CuesWhen you look at something you must move your eyes in a way to look at it Your either bring your eyes together or moving them apart this is called Convergence Or the other way is called Accommodation it is the thinning or thickening of the lens People have found ways to isolate these cues from others to find out which one is better and they found out theses cues are not very good for instance in accommodation the farther you go the less your able to seeo They are not very accurateo There range is not very largeMonocular CuesMore effectiveThings you can use
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