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Psychology 2134A/B
Marc Joanisse

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Psych 2134: Psychology of Language First Lecture, September 6 - Words need to be given in a certain order, why? In theory because we all carry knowledge about the correct structure of a sentence (mental grammar; distinguishes it from the kind of grammar you might get in a big) - Mental grammar: we carry this understanding around in our head to produce language and understand language - Noam Chomsky “what do we know when we know language?”: that all humans know a language. The idea of a mental grammar, everyone has a mental grammar no matter the language, there is a lot more in common among languages than meets the eye. All languages are processed in our minds the same way (parts of the brain, processes of recognization) - Mental error vs. prescriptive grammatical rules (ie, never split an infinitive, don’t end a sentence in a proposition) prescriptive; telling people what to do, not reflective of our actual knowledge of language. Speakers violate these rules because th
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