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Psychology 2134A/B
Marc Joanisse

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Psych of Language Lect Sept 20 Extra reading online Chart that replicates chart from last class Also, there are examples of the sounds each of those stupid symbols make What is an allophone? Phonemes that are physically different from each other but treated and perceived as the same Japanese people perceive “row” and “low” as the same word When their little babies their brains are tuned into the specific language theyre learning, their brains are tuned out to the phonemes that are not relative to their language. English people do this too, don’t distinguish between long and short vowels “grad” means city “graaaaaad” means hail, two long vs short vowels are treated as separate phonemes aspiration in thai voiceless aspirated is very voiceless 3 way contrast (English only has a 2 way contrast) tha is aspirated ta is voiceless da is voiced Morphology Morphemes: smallest meaningful units in language Morphemes can be words; dog is a morpheme Prefixes and suffixes Not any combination of phonemes though, has to carry meaning. Cats is two morphemes Free morphemes: words essentially Bound morphemes: morphemes that need to be combined with other morphemes to have meaning Inflectional morphology There are also morphemes that can change a noun into a verb or into an adjective; called derivational morphemes (complete transformation) Derivational Morphemes Change a words entire meaning Productivity of Morphology Un is a derivational morpheme (changes a meaning to the opposite meaning) Have to add morphemes in the right order: uncomfort is not a thing. Iterative process= recursive process, applying a process repeatedly to get increasingly more complex things Un doesn’t modify a noun, un modifies an adjective Inflection in Other Languages Instead of having a descrete morpheme, it has a rule called reduplication, it reduplica
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