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Psychology 2135A/B
Marcie Penner- Wilger

Oct 1 Attention Five functions of attention 1. Focusing-limiting the number of items being processed 2. Perceptual enhancement-promoting a stimulus in the environment 3. Binding-combining perceptual information about different properties into a single perception to represent one object 4. Sustaining behaviour-maintaining an action in the presence of potential distractions 5. Action selection-choosing an act to be performed among the selections Attention  Facilitate processing of desired stimuli -prime receptors based on object&/or space  Inhibit processing of distractors -early selection=little processing of distractor -late=full processing of distractor, but may not reach consciousness  No conscious perception without attention Change blindness  Failure to notice changes between what was in view moments before and what is in view now  Door example  Change blindness blindness -mistaken belief that we should notice the changes Inattentional blindness  Failure to notice a fully-visible, but unexpected object because attention was engaged on another task, event, or object  Basketball example Inattentional blindness  Observers fail to notice a visual object or event  The object or event is fully-visible and observers readily see it if they are looking for it  The failure to notice results from engagement of attention on other aspects of the display and not from aspects of the visual stimulus itself  The object or event is unexpected Computational complexity  Limited attentional resources  Multi-tasking-one can perform concurrent tasks only if the sum of the tasks’ demands is within the cognitive budget  Task-specific resources -overlapping processing requirements (visual/spatial, verbal)  General resources -energy supply -resp
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