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Psychology 2135A/B
Marcie Penner- Wilger

Pysch 2135 sept 12 Themes  The black bix: the challenege of cognitive science  Cognitive complexity and the necessity of bias  how time can illuminate the mind  How breakdowns can illuminate the mind Cognitive Science  Interested in explaining intelligent behaviours  Knowledge acquisition  Concept formation  Problem solving  Language  Mathematics View of the Mind  Computational theory of mind  The mind is an information processor -mental representations -algorithmic processes  Processes applied to representations produce behaviour Computer analogy  Data structures (strings, lists, etc) = algorithms = running program  Mental representations+ computational procedures= thinking Mental representation  A structure or process in the mind that stands for something else  Re-presents something in the mind Cognitive science is not for wimps!  Reason #3  We are interested in the inner workings of the mind (representations and processes)  But,  We cannot directly observe or measure what is going on in the mind Challenge Input(stimuli going in)-- black box (the brain) --output (behaviours coming out)  Generally only have direct access to people’s overt behaviour  Internal representations and processes cannot be directly observed Options 1. Do not study the mind, instead study the behav
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