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sept 26 does perception

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Psychology 2135A/B
Marcie Penner- Wilger

Does perception= reality Leftovers from last class  Artificial neural networks in the real world  Examples? -finger print recognition, CGI characters in movies (more realistic behaviours), decision making for a loan, cancer detection  Neural network model of prosopagnosia -Farah et. Al. (10993) Perception  “the world does not passively impose itself on our mind; rather it has to be actively interpreted.” -Hood (2012, p.44)  Gateway to cognition- the basic processes of cognitive system is to register perceptions  Influenced by both bottom-up processes (qualities of the stimuli) and top-down processes (knowledge/beliefs) Computational complexity  The world is full of ambiguity that the perceptual system must resolve (our sensory receptions seem inadequate to do the things that they do, we aren’t aware of these ambiguities). Examples of these difficult tasks: -recognizing the same object even though the image is different - different vantage points, lighting conditions -reconstructing a 3D image from the 2D image produced on the retina -unlimited set of objects can produce the same 2D image -separating objects from one another and from background  Perceptual system used heuristics to resolve ambiguity -allow us to process perceptual information quickly -generally works, but sometimes leads to bias Illusions  Illusions  Bias resulting from the use of heuristics due to computational complexity (difficulty of the task) Blind spot  Each of your eyes has a blind spot  Spot on
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