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Western University
Psychology 2221B
Christine Tenk

Thought Questions – Understanding the Senses 1) Are our senses fully developed at birth? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2) At least ________________ of the brain is devoted to vision in some way. 3) One might say that our eye works like a camera. The ________________ controls the amount of light entering our eye. Our ________________ brings visual images into focus and the ________________ absorbs light. However, seeing with our eyes is different  than  taking  a  photograph  because  we  don’t  want  to  only  reproduce  the  image,   but we want to interpret and understand what we are seeing. 4) There are ________________ different kinds of cones that allow us to see colour. Usually, colour perception problems results from problems with one cones or another. Rarely, if there are no cones in the eye, this condition is called ________________ Interestingly, the inability to perceive colour can also result from damage to the ________________ 5) Do we actually see the world as it is? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 6) The 16,000 receptors in the inner ear called ________________. These receptors are very fragile. In fact, we start losing them ___________________________. 7) One of the most important factors contributing to our ability to locate sound is: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 8) We are particularly seeking and alert to what type of sounds in the environment? ____________. Why should this be so? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 9) Why are we tuned to certain primary tastes?
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