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Psychology 2310A/B
Rob Martin

Week 1 08/01/2013 7:37:00 AM Lecture Week 1: Introduction and Historical Perspectives Common Misconceptions about Abnormal Psychology Belief that psychological disorders are always bizarre  Most people in the psych hospital are calm and quite reasonable  Even people with severe disorders, will still have extended periods of time where they are calm and normal/but have episodes where they behave abnormally  Professor didn’t see a difference between the patients and students in the peer group, not a huge difference between patients and staff View that “abnormal” and “normal” are radically different  Reality is that they blend into each other, a dimension of all people/at one end people who function really well, at the other end people are functioning badly/in the middle there is a little bit of both/abnormal psychology involves all of us View of former psychiatric patients as dangerous  Some are dangerous, statistically people with mental illness are no more likely than those without illnesses to commit crime/greyhound bus decapitation with schizophrenia, but we don’t hear in the news about people who do not kill or commit violent crimes Belief that mental disorder is something to be ashamed of – STIGMA  Stigma goes back to middle ages, and means SCAR/people would be branded with a hot iron, scar that allows them to be recognized as sinner/stigma they carried around with them/people are less likely to tell people about trips to mental hospital, ashamed/sick friend with serious disease, what would you do, go to hospital? If you have a friend with a psychiatric breakdown, would you still visit and respond normally?/survey sais HALF of Canadians would tell friends or coworkers they have a family member who is mentally ill, but if they have cancer or diabetes, MOST would talk about it to coworkers  46% thought people used it as an excuse for bad behaviour  58% said they would socialize with a friend who has a mental illness  38% thought one of the main causes of mental disorder is a lack of self discipline and willpower  42% thought that those with mental illnesses are dangerous Exaggerated fear of one’s own susceptibility  Medical school disease, students in the school think
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