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Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Personality Disorders - Tutorial Cognitive-Behavioural Theory of Personality Disorders (Jeffrey Young – Schema Theory) - At hospital treatment center - Put a gun to his fathers head - Said he didn’t care about mother, father or even himself - Had many fights when younger, under 15 carried a knife - Had feelings to kill people - Destruction of property, throw bricks at buses - Skipped school, stayed at home watching tv - Caused fires, nothing major, just wanted to see the fire, didn’t care if burning important stuff - Used to sell mothers valuable comic books - Never abused an animal, because had pets - He would do something to a person but never an animal - Hatred inside, hatred for people - Medicine to calm him down - Use drugs to calm him down since 9 or 10, started with weed, also drinks alcohol - Has sisters, respects all females, would never rape - Want to kill people that hurt and abuse women - Sell drugs - Feels like he’s a bomb about to go off, feels that when it goes off there’s going to be many people dead - Has shot someone, not sure if killed - Shot many people - Assaulted a women, manipulative, contradicted himself Early Maladaptive Schemas (EMS) More flexible when disorder onset is relatively recent especially for mood disorders Personality disorders have very inflexible schemas Schemas that can’t be turned off or turned on, resistant to change People will be hostile towards him because of his actions and this just reaffirms what his schema is that others are mean and should get them before they get you Unconditional beliefs about self, others Eg, defectiveness, incompetence, entitlement, etc. Develop early in life – parental relations Self-perpetuating, resistant to change Information is distorted to fit the schema Schema is activated by environmental events Produce strong emotional reactions, maladaptive behaviours Information gets distorted by schemas Produce maladaptive behaviors Exclude info that will help break out of schema Developmen
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