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Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Mood Disorders Video: Mary bipolar disorder Depressive episode - revelation that devil was saying to her, she tried to sleep with you go hurt her - hear voices in her head - thought she was the devil, tried to get Mary because she’s “on top of the world” think jesus is on her side Manic episode - thinks she having a great time - beat up her husband physically cause he pissed her off - working for jesus, she is a spy on a mission to fight for theAmerican way - can change the weather - she loves being outdoors - loves chewing gum - her mom died when she was young, cancer on spinal cord was paralyzed - laughs when she’s uncomfortable - thinks she can get drunk on water, coffee, non alcoholics - have too much energy - thinks she is both genders - carpenter song lyrics, on top of the world has some meaning for her - What is the most common psychotic feature occurring in depression (EXAM QUESTION) o Delusion Beck’s Cognitive Model (IMPORTANT) Depressive Self- Schema -> Faulty Information Processing -> Triad of Self/World/Future - failure/helplessness, deep seeded beliefs about oneself - overly negative, distorting reality - common association - there’s a trigger and response - negative view of yourself, no one cares about me - its here, now and universal Cognitive Distortions & Errors All-or-nothing thinking - if you’re not first, you are last Overgeneralization - one thing will set it off and ruin the whole day Jumping to conclusions - if someone doesn’t say hi, it means they don’t like you/avoiding you - reinforces their negative scheme Catastrophizing (magnification) - small things are very serious - your views are minor “Should” statements - lead to feelings of guilt and anger to others Emotional reasoning - emotions reflect reality, which is usually not the case - don’t inform us very accurately - I feel like the world is a bad place, therefore the world is a bad place Leads to depressive cognitive triad Self; world; future Given an example of distortion, need to know which one it is - straight forward thinking of each one Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression Behavioral interventions – behavioral activation Restore and enhance functioning Counteract withdrawal tendencies Increase interest and pleasure - change the way you act by the way you feel - increase the number
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