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Week 10 Personality Disorder

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Western University
Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Personality Disorders - Tutorial Cognitive-Behavioural Theory of Personality Disorders (JeffreyYoung – Schema Theory) Video: • Didn’t have any emotions • Had a violent history, had blades, knives, throw bricks/bottles trying to hurt people • Don’t care about anyone • Have anger and hatred inside of him for people • Wont hurt animals • Drank alcohol when he was 3, sick for 4/5 days • Weed when he was 10 • Assaulted a woman, but he said he wont rape women • Antisocial personality disorder • Was proud of his violent behavior, wants people to think he is a bad person Early Maladaptive Schemas (EMS) • Unconditional beliefs about self, others o Eg, defectiveness, incompetence, entitlement, etc. • Develop early in life – parental relations • Self-perpetuating, resistant to change o Most people don’t receive treatments until late teens since people cant see symptoms o Long treatments • Information is distorted to fit the schema o Want to twist the truth so it won’t conflict with your self schema • Schema is activated by environmental events o Have automatic thoughts • Produce strong emotional reactions, maladaptive behaviours Development of EMS’s EMS’s develop when specific core childhood needs are not met Core childhood needs: • Love, nurturing, attention • Ac
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