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Classification and Diagnosis
Overview of DSM-5
The Need for the DSM-5 Revision
DSM-IV published in 1994 (19 years ago)
oDSM-IV-TR in 2000 – minor revision
New knowledge from scientific research
Need to update organization of DSM
Improve reliability
Improve clinical usefulness
However, ongoing debate about merits of DSM-5
The DSM-5 Revision Process
1999 –APA planning conference
2003-08 – series of planning conferences
2006-10 – DSM-5 Task Force and 13 diagnostic work groups
oComprehensive reviews of research, consultation
oDeveloped proposed new diagnostic criteria
2010 – initial draft of new DSM-5
2010-12 – extensive field trials
olots of participants and money spent
2012 – web site – public consultations
2013 – final changes decided by vote
May, 2013 – DSM-5 unveiled in San Francisco
Some Changes in DSM-5
Reorganization of categories of disorders
Some disorders moved to different chapters
oPathological gambling is now a substance disorder (like alcoholism)
Renaming of some diagnoses
oGender identity disorder  now called gender dysphoria
Modified criteria for some diagnoses
Some diagnoses dropped
oAsbergers syndrome is no longer a diagnosis falls under autism
Some new diagnoses added
oDisruptive mood disregulation disorder falls under depression
oPremenstrual dysphoric disorder
oHoarding disorder
Elimination of Multiaxial system and GAF (Global Assessment of Function)
Something that hasn’t changed: Categorical (rather than dimensional) diagnosis
oArgument that there may be a dimensional aspect to the categorical approach
Different disorders that build up to depression
Selected DSM-5 Diagnostic Groups
Neurodevelopment Disorders
Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
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