Psychology 2310A/B Lecture Notes - Exhibitionism, Pedophilia, Etiology

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Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Types of Sexual Disorders in DSM-5
Paraphilic Disorders
oSexual “deviance”
oConsidered a disorder when the person is experiencing impairment in their
relationships, etc
Sexual Dysfunctions
oSexual “malfunctioning”
oNormal sexual desires, but unable to get an erection, have orgasms, etc
Gender Dysphoria
oDSM-IV-TR: Gender Identity Disorder
Issues in Defining Sexual Abnormality
Problems with the statistical approach (deviation)
DSM-5 criteria
oEmotional distress often feel depressed that they have a certain fetish, etc
oImpairment (esp. interpersonal difficulties)
oHarm to others
Unwilling victim
Illegal behaviours--voyeurism
Cultural norms and values
oE.g., homosexuality, masturbation
Paraphilic Disorders
“Para” = outside; “philia” = love love outside the norm (abnormality)
“Sexual perversions”
DSM-IV-TR criteria:
oRecurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors
Non-human objects (fetishes, etc)
Suffering or humiliation of self or partner (sadism, masochism, etc)
Children or non-consenting persons (pedophilia, exhibitionism, etc)
oLast at least 6 months
oClinical distress or impairment (if the act is illegal it becomes diagnosable)
oActing on urges – if activity is illegal
Associated features a man with a shoe fetish may get a job at a shoe store, person with
pedophilia may work as a camp counselor, etc
oSome people don’t express any feelings of guilt, etc
oOthers feel very shameful
oComorbid with anti-social personality disorder
oPeople can have multiple Paraphilias
Prevalence is unknown
oGoes back to early life, starting around puberty or adolescence
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