Psychology 2310A/B Lecture Notes - Behavioral Activation, Cognitive Therapy, Attachment Theory

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21 Apr 2014

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Mood Disorders
Woman at first in depressed state, hearing voices and thinking the devil is out to get her
oTalked an entire verse of the carpenters song as if it were her own words (top of
the world)
Comes back three days later in a manic state, says she beat up her husband, thinks she is
on a mission for god
Beck’s Cognitive Model
“I’m terrible, things around me are terrible, it wont get better”
Cognitive Distortions & Errors
All-or-nothing thinking One thing happens, such as being late for work, and suddenly its
all bad
Overgeneralization One bad thing happened today, so today was a bad day
Jumping to conclusionsMind reading: I didn’t get a text back, so this person hates me
Catastrophizing (magnification)Thinking where one thing leads to another. A small error
is very serious and it is inevitable
“Should” statementsfeelings of guilt towards yourself, anger towards others, etc
Emotional reasoningyou think your emotions reflect reality
Leads to depressive cognitive triad self, world, future
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression
Changing behaviours and changing thoughts effects moods
Behavioral interventions – behavioral activation
oRestore and enhance functioning
oCounteract withdrawal tendencies
oIncrease interest and pleasure
Cognitive interventions
oIdentify cognitive distortions
oMonitor negative thoughts write down “oh shit” moments
oExamine the evidence
oChange core beliefs
Prevention of relapse
oDevelop strategies for dealing with slip ups in the future
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