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Western University
Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Mood Disorders Video • Woman at first in depressed state, hearing voices and thinking the devil is out to get her o Talked an entire verse of the carpenters song as if it were her own words (top of the world) • Comes back three days later in a manic state, says she beat up her husband, thinks she is on a mission for god Beck’s Cognitive Model “I’m terrible, things around me are terrible, it wont get better” Cognitive Distortions & Errors • All-or-nothing thinking One thing happens, such as being late for work, and suddenly its all bad • Overgeneralization One bad thing happened today, so today was a bad day • Jumping to conclusionsMind reading: I didn’t get a text back, so this person hates me • Catastrophizing (magnification)Thinking where one thing leads to another.Asmall error is very serious and it is inevitable • “Should” statementsfeelings of guilt towards yourself, anger towards others, etc • Emotional reasoningyou think your emotions reflect reality • Leads to depressive cognitive triad self, world, future Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression • Changing behaviours and changing thoughts effects moods • Behavioral interventions – behavioral activation o Restore and enhance functioning o Counteract withdrawal tendencies o Increase interest and pleasure • Cognitive interventions o Identify cognitive distortions o Monitor negative thoughts write down “oh shit” moments o Examine the evidence o Change core beliefs • Prevention of relapse o Develop strategies for dealing with slip ups in the future o What caused the depression and what made it get wo
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