Psychology 2310A/B Lecture Notes - Gender Dysphoria, Dysphoria, Gender Identity

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Gender Identity Disorder - Tutorial
Gender Identity Disorder
DSM-5: Gender Dysphoria
Biological sex
Assigned gender
Gender identity
Gender role
Sexual orientation
Transgender, Transsexual
Gender dysphoria
DSM-IV Diagnostic criteria
Strong, persistent cross-gender identification
Gender Dysphoria
oPersistent discomfort about one’s biological sex
Clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other
More common in children than adults
o3% of boys, 1% of girls
1/30,000 men, 1/100,00 women seek sex reassignment surgery
Actual prevalence is unknown – increasing awareness in recent years
Course – childhood vs. adult onset
Childhood onset
oGender dysphoria in childhood
oIn rare cases, continues into adulthood
oTransgendered identity
oAttracted to individuals of same biological sex
oMore commonly develops into homosexual or bisexual orientation without
transgendered identity
oMost likely to desire sex reassignment surgery
Adult onset
oOften begins with transvestic fetishism
oMore likely to have heterosexual orientation
oMore ambivalent about sex reassignment surgery
Causes are still unknown
Biological factors – abnormal hormone exposure during fetal development?
Psychological factors – parents’ child-rearing practices?
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