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Western University
Psychology 2310A/B
Rod Martin

Mood DisordersNote Study showing treatment for insomnia in patients suffering with depression works cognitive behavior therapy IntroductionDepression versus ManiaDSMIV distinguishes two general patternsUnipolardepression onlyBipolarboth mania and depressionUnipolar DepressionDSMIV CategoriesMajor depressionMost common type clinical depression Dysthymic disorder DysthymiaLess severe but more chronic Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide both mental and physical according to WHOCosts more in treatment and lost productivity than anything but heart diseaseCanada144 billion per year Treatment lost productivityDSM Major Depressive Episode5 or more symptoms lasting 2 weeksMost of the day nearly every dayMood symptoms one must be presentDepressed mood blue sad hopeless discouraged Anhedonia Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that use to be enjoyable EXAMPhysical symptomsSignificant weight loss or gainInsomnia or hypersomniaPsychomotor agitation or retardationFatigue loss of energyCognitive SymptomsFeelings of worthlessness or guiltDiminished ability to think or concentrateRecurrent thoughts of death suicidal ideationSymptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in functioningAreas in the brain that respond to actual physical pain are also activated in people with depressionHigher chance for heart disease NBdepression is a syndrome
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