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Psychology 2320A/B Lecture Notes - Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement, Exposure Therapy

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Elizabeth Hayden

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January 29, 2012
Structured Interviews:
Tied to a parcular set of criteria
They spell out what quesons to ask, how to ask to ask them and how to follow them up (oen), how to
interpret and code the answers (oen), what order to ask them in
Quesonnaire Measures:
Not formally used for diagnosis; widely used in research and pracce to get informaon on child
Achenbach family of measures:
-TRF (preschool and school-age versions)
-YSR = Youth Self Report (school age)
-adult versions
Parent-Child Disagreement on Child Symptoms:
Issues with interviews and checklist
Parents > children for child externalizing behaviour and symptoms; may be more accurate for these
-externalizing = disrupve, opposional, deant, rule breaking, etc.
Children > parents for child internalizing symptoms; may be more accurate for these
-internalizing = sad mood, fear, anxiety
Self-report important for internalizing symptoms; informants important for externalizing
Does Psychotherapy Work? :
Do psychotherapy paents improve?
Does one approach work beer than the others?
Is psychotherapy beer than medicaon?
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Psychotherapy Outcome Research- Sampling Issues:
Sample homogeneity
-parcipants screened for other diagnoses, age, language, intellectual ability,, etc. to form a homogenous group
Allows specic claims re: who will be helped by treatment
Increases stascal power to detect eects
However, limits generalizability
Psychotherapy Outcome Research- The IV:
In psychotherapy research, the IV is…
Like any IV, must be operaonalizes
To do this, treatment studies develop a treatment manual
-overview of principles therapy
-Session-by-session guidelines
Psychotherapy Outcome Research- Acceptability and Arion:
Acceptability= how tolerable a treatment or therapy is to a paent
If acceptability is low, this may lead to…
Arion= drop outs from a study
Psychotherapy Outcome Research- Early Findings
Meta-analysis: combines results from many studies to get an overall esmate of eect
Smith, Glass, and Miller (1980) meta-analysis of psychotherapy with adults
-Psychotherapy eect size = .85
-ex. Average psychotherapy paent was beer o post-treatment than over 80% of persons who went untreated
-major classes of psychotherapy were equivalent in terms of ecacy
“Dodo bird” Verdict:
Run around the lake unl you dry, no one cared how long they had run, can’t disnguish “winners,
everyone is great
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