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Lecture 3

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Psychology 2410A/B
Adam Cohen

Lecture 3Social Cognitive Theory BanduraObservation and limitationdomain general which means they works across all cognitive theories Observational learning evokes cognition attention encoding storing and retrievalEx bobo doll study When the aggressive model was rewarded the children were more aggressiveWhen the aggressive model had no consequence the children were aggressive but a little less so than those who saw rewarded modelWhen the aggressive model was punished the children were less aggressive than the other two groups Vicarious Reinforcementwatching someone else get reinforced affects the childrens observational learningWhen child was incentivised to mimic the aggressive model regardless of their reward they will all be equally aggressive because they are offered a reward for doing so No rewardChild rewardRewardedPunished no consequence Learning Theories and themesNature x Nuturefew simple domain general learning processesDomain generealsource of IDs are differences in environmetContDiscontsame learning principles throughout life ActivePassivepassive but social learning theory is bothLimitations1Not all conditioning is equalEx fearsnake ower 2Problem of similaritygeneralization and need for conceptsEx little Albert 3Difcult to explain behaviour without appealing to the mind Piagets Theory The dominant metaphor is the child as scientistCentral Assumptions of Theory1Child constructs new knowledge 2They learn on their ownNot dependent on adultspeers3Children are intrinsically motivated to learn Dont need reward
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