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Psychology 2410A/B
Adam Cohen

Dev. Psyc. Class 2: (late 20 mins to class) 1/14/2013 6:48:00 AM Outline Last Time Theories on Origins of Knowledge  Empiricism  Nativism  Constructivism Themes  Nature/Nurture (common abilities CA, and individual differences ID)  Continuous/Discontinuous  Active/Passive  Mechanisms of Change Genes and environment as a product, builds mechanisms which causes CA (behavior). The current environment is providing input to these mechanisms in our head… these mechanisms also have access to other info in our head. These mechanisms depend on our knowledge. From these evolved learning mechanisms cause these CA (common abilities) that are species typical. They also link to NCA (non common abilities --- aka species impossible) CA example for humans: seeing “visible: light, speaking NCA example for humans: seeing “ultraviolet” light (CA for bees though), hearing really high frequencies (CA for dogs though) Where would “reading” come into this? We use un-CA to describe abilities that may are uncommon, but not species impossible. Un-CA example for humans: playing chess, reading, handstand. From G x E (Genes x Env) to mechanisms, How does G x E build mechanisms?  1) experience- experience processes o STE (normative development) – all people typically experience o Critical/sensitive periods o Absence derails development   2) experience – dependent processes o ISE (ideographic development)  Some people have experience o Act throughout lifespan o Absence isn’t detrimental Individual Differences (ID) Individual rectangle … area based on l x w, like how CA depends on G x E. Group of rectangles … If they vary, how much of the variance is due to differences in length, and how much in width?  Q: Does Area vary b/c of differences in L, W, or both?  Can reword question applying it to dev. psyc: Is height variance based on genes, environment, or both?  Q: What are sources of ID’s? (relates to Behavioral Genetics) Heritability: proportion of variance in trait due to differences in genes Heritability … (h-squared) = V of g/ V of trait = Vg/ Vg+ Ve + Vge “ge” means combo of genes and env. For midter
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