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Psychology 2410A/B

Psych 2410 Feb 25 Object knowledge  Intuitive physics OK: individuation (OTS- object tracking system), Identification (ORS- object representation system) IP: physical principles , event categories (certain common arrangements you always see- something in something, something on something. Young babies have sophisticated knowledge about these event categories (both are ORS) - don’t have to go to school to learn these Support Events - category specific variables Height is an important variable for certain things (covering, if its not high enough it wont fully cover the other thing) Variable: contact/ no contact Possible: bottom box gets moved top box is still on it and is therefore supported. Not possible: bottom box gets moved and top box floats. Young babies haven't acquired the relevance of this (less than 3 months, show now difference in looking time - LT) Babies slightly older showed adult LT (look longer for the event which violates support knowledge) Older babies generate the explanation that the finger pushing the box may be what's holding the box up, when they manipulate that (finger not touching the box after pushing it off) the LT goes up (establish contact/ no contact, don't establish type of contact) Variable: type of contact Possible: water bottle is on table and is supported Not possible: water bottle touches edge and is supported - Type of contact is crucial; touching the side will not support the water bottle 3 boxes: In one case the bog box is touching both small ones, and the small ones are stacked. Not possible: the big one is touching both boxes but the two boxes aren’t stacked and one is floating. Babies less than 5 months don’t appreciate this, nothing surprising to them. Over 5 months and looking times shoot up. Variable: amount of contact Possible: box being supported by another box Not Possible: box teetering on the edge and not falling, corners are touching but it doesn’t fall off Babies less than 6.5 months don't appreciate this, older than 6.5 months and LT goes up Developmental trajectory where babies are acquiring these variables in turn. There are just random, gold old things/ objects: rocks, tables, and chairs. But there are also things that are about other things (that refer to other things): photographs, map, story/ movie, symbolic number (the actual symbol of the number '8'), language/words, mental states Which side has more dots? You judge the surface ar
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