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Ch 1: Scientific Study of Personality

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Western University
Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 1 Scientific Study of Personalityy Focuses on stable differences y Most theorists agree on this definition thoughts feelings and behaviours that are distinctive and persist across time and situations y Each theory in personality has a different definition concerning what personality is but share certain common points o Distinctiveness between peoples behaviour directed by our thoughts and feelingsSome theorists think that personality explains behaviours and only internal events predict your behaviour in certain situations Others think that behaviour is how we interpret personality and hence why it is in most definitions o Persistence across timeyou are the same person today that you will be tomorrow or the next week etc o Persistence across situationsassumed in personality theory that the personality of someone will stay consistent across different situations y 22 personality theories grouped into 8 paradigms in textbook 1 Psychodynamic 5 paradigms within it 2 Learningthe explanation of personality how we acquire differences in thoughts feelings and behaviour 3 Traitclassification of personality how we can classify different personality traitscharacteristics 4 Humanistic phenomenological in textbookoptimizes personality how to improve on your personality and what leads to a healthy personality y Freud tried to explain classify and optimize personality in his theories
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