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Ch 2: Beginnings of the Psychodynamic Theory

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Western University
Psychology 2550A/B
Stephen Erdle

Chapter 2 Beginnings of the Psychodynamic Theory Early Freudy Freud was the beginnings of modern personality theory in terms of the scientific method being used to test hypotheses about the theory that was being developed y Trait theory approach was being developed around the same time as the psychodynamic theoryside by side during the development of the modern personality theorySigmund Freud y 19001935most productive part of his careerfully developed his psychodynamic theory y Believed in using positivism to look into psychological disorders y Believed in psychic determinism our behaviours are determined by psychological processesenergy y Was wrongpsychic energy was really neuron functioningfiring from electrical charges electrical energy in the brain due to neuronal functionsnot a closed system conservation of energycan take medications etc to increase our energy y Studied hypnotism by Charcot in Parisused it to treat hysteria neurotic disorder that had psychological origin and no organic origin y Charcot found that if you make suggestions under hypnosis the patient would be relieved of their symptoms paralysis partial blindness etcFreud took that idea and opened a private practice in Vienna with Josef Breuer y They found that hypnotism didnt work for everybody and didnt seem like the b
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